A Fangirl’s Dictionary

Binge read:

A period of unrestrained, excessive and self-indulgent reading, often involves finishing a 400-odd page book in a day or reading multiple books, one after the other, within a short space of time.

Book hangover

The feelings experienced after finishing a really good book, symptoms include; lounging around in a dazed stupor, being unable to function adequately in normal day-to-day activities and suffering from a reading slump (see below).

Book hoarder

Typical traits include; buying books regardless of available funds, shelf space and length of TBR list (see below). Books are often stacked  on the floor or on other items of furniture due to lack of shelf space.


A ‘selfie’ style photograph with one’s bookshelf in shot or a proud bookshelf selfie, with just the beauty of the bookcase captured in the photograph.


The book-loving community on Instagram, members often express their love for their chosen fandoms (see below), post photos of their current reads, favourite books, quotes and book-shelfies etc.

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