The Naturals: Killer Instinct.


The Naturals: Killer Instinct.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

Pages: 385

Rating: 5/5naturals

From Amazon:

“A young girl has been murdered, her body displayed on the front lawn of her university campus. The killing is vicious – and terrifyingly familiar. Someone is copying the methods of one of the country’s most infamous serial killers: Dean’s father.
Back at the Naturals HQ, Cassie, Dean, Michael, Lia and Sloane are dealing with a new FBI agent – and Agent Sterling is determined to keep them out of trouble. But Dean knows too much about his father’s crimes not to get involved, and his fellow Naturals won’t let him face this alone.
But as the bodies mount up, the Naturals find themselves in a deadly dangerous race against time…”


Since reading the first book in this series earlier on this year I have been desperate to get my bookworm-mitts on this book. I bought it a couple of days after the release date and bumped it up to the top of my tbr pile as I simply could not wait. Boy am I glad I didn’t! It was an incredible read, the first book was excellent but this was even better. Barnes’ writing is so easy to read and she introduces the case straight away; there’s no messing around!

I am absolutely in love with the idea of a teenage BAU (I’m a Criminal Minds nerd!) and the idea that someone was imitating the murders that Dean’s dad had been charged with was so intriguing. I love Dean’s character so it was very exciting to learn more about him and his dark childhood – the poor boy! I felt as though I was part of the team solving the case, Barnes doesn’t write stories she solves cases. The entire book is focused on the case and what is going on surrounding it, it’s a wonderful way to read.

The addition of the new Agent Sterling was intense, I felt so connected to the Naturals from the first book that I was unsure about this newcomer, especially as she was so vocal about not approving of the Naturals programme. Also her mysterious relationship with Dean had me on edge. And the revelation of her relationship with Agent Briggs, tension alert!

Killer Instinct is a fast-paced, YA crime-thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Barnes needs to write quicker as I am eagerly anticipating The Naturals #3!

If you’re a fan of the TV show Criminal Minds, CSI or the like or you enjoy crime fiction then this is definitely a recommended read for you. You won’t regret it. But you will want to be a Natural, I definitely do, though perhaps without their tragic childhoods.



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