Top Ten Tuesday #5




top-ten-tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Broke and Bookish.

{Sorry for being a day late, had some internet trouble yesterday and couldn’t upload.}

Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want to Read:

1 & 2 – Lolita and Tampa I just don’t feel comfortable reading books of this kind. I read The End of Alice by A.M Homes when I was at university and, although it was not as graphic as I am led to believe that Tampa is, I was disturbed. I don’t want to read about things like that. I can appreciate what Alissa Nutting has done with Tampa; women do commit these crimes to and awareness needs to be raised.

3 – The Cuckoo’s Calling I read J.K Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy and I absolutely hated it. It was so dull and boring. There was none of the spark that is present in the Harry Potter series. I know this may seem like an unfair comparison as they are completely different genres but still, The Casual Vacancy was boring and I don’t want to read any of the Cormoran Strikes novels in case I experience the same disappointment.

4 – War and Peace I know that this is often considered one of the books to read before you die but I really have no interest. I tried to read Anna Karenina also by Leo Tolstoy because I felt that I should; I didn’t finish it. I could not get into it at all and all of the Russian names confused me.

5 – Bravo Two Zero This is my fiancé’s favourite book, he’s in the RAF so loves the military, I just can’t bring myself to read it. I don’t want to read about the horrible things that happened and what Andy McNab went through, I’ll only end up worrying about Lee even more than I already do. He keeps trying to push this book on me though; I’ll have to give in eventually.

6 – Gone Girl I have heard such amazing reviews about this book, as well as Gillian Flynn’s other novels. I’m apprehensive about reading it in case it does not live up to my expectations. I don’t want to be disappointed.

7 – We Were Liars E. Lockhart’s novel is the subject of such hype at the moment that I am really wary of it. The entire bookstagram community seems to love it and I am yet to read a bad review, this leaves me with extremely high expectations. I’m not sure that it will live up to them and I’ll feel like a social leper if I do dislike it!

8 – The Book Thief I find books about the Holocaust really difficult to read. They break my heart. I don’t watch the films (except The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas – big mistake I cried for hours afterwards) and I don’t read the books. I did read The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult (see review) and it made me cry so much and hate humanity a bit. I hate that those things happened and I just can’t bring myself to read about them. It’s just too sad. It never should have happened.

9 – The House of Silk I adore Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a magnificent writer and created a wonderful character. A new Sherlock Holmes novel fills me with apprehension, what if Anthony Horowitz has altered the character so much that he doesn’t seem true? I just can’t bring myself to read it, however much I may want to.

10 – First in a series It seems now that every book, especially in the YA genre, is part of a series. They’re never a stand-alone novel. This irritates me for three main reasons; 1. You have to wait months and months for the next books to be released. 2. You have to buy more than one book, it’s not optional. You have to! 3. Who writes a trilogy nowadays? Has got to be 154635 books long for some unknown reason (money making?)


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