Top Ten Tuesday #4


Top Ten Tuseday is a weekly meme hosted by Bookish and Broke.

This week’s theme is Top Ten Books I’d Give To Readers Who Have Never Read X  I have chosen Scandinavian Crime Thrillers.

I have become quite a lover of this genreover recent years. I have always enjoyed crime fiction and thrillers and after reading the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson I have fallen in love. The settings for these books always capture my imagination 61hGD3peddL__SL1024_and the plots are so well thought out. Scandinavian writers really do seem to have a knack for crime thrillers.

My Top Ten recommendations are:

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson.

Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest by Stieg Larsson.

The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler.

The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler. 512iQH0f7gL

The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg.

The Savage Alter by Asa Larsson.

She’s Never Coming Back by Hans Koppel.

You’re Mine Now by Hans Koppel.

Snow White Must Die by Nele Nehaus (German, does it count? I’m going to say yes).

I think that these books are a great place to start with this genre. I hope that you enjoy them if you choose to read them. The Fire Witness is particularly gripping, I recommended this to my Mum as her introduction to the genre. She has since read both of Hans Koppel’s novels and thoroughly enjoyed those.


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