Top Ten Tuesday #3


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is Authors I Own the Most Books Of .

Patricia Cornwell – 21 books – All of the Kay Scarpetta series apart from the most recent one, plus the tie-in cookbook that she did, which is brilliant!

P.C Cast – 19 books – I own books 1 to 10 in the House of Night series, but I have read them all, plus The Fledgling Handbook. I also have all of her Goddess of Partholon series which is a fantastic fantasy/mythical/magical read. And I have 4 of her Goddess Summoning novels which I absolutely adore.

Jodi Picoult – 14 books – including; House Rules, The Pact, Nineteen Minutes, , Lone Wolf, The Storyteller, Handle With Care, Salem Falls, The Tenth Circle plus Between the Lines which she co-wrote with her daughter Samantha Van Leer.

Nicholas Sparks – 13 books –  The Notebook, Safe Haven and True Believer being my favourite.

Charlaine Harris – 10 books – I have the first 10 in the Sookie Stackhouse series, though I have only read the first 5 (it was a boxset for just £15, bargain!) From the library I have read The Lily Bard Mysteries (5 books) and The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (8 books). I love her writing style.

J.K Rowling – 9 books – I own the complete Harry Potter series, Tales of Beedle the Bard and The Casual Vacancy.

C.S Lewis – 7 books – I have the complete Chronicles of Narnia, a childhood favourite.

George R.R Martin – 7 books – The Song of Ice and Fire boxset. (C’mon George get cracking with book 6 I need my Westerosi fix!)

Amanda Hocking – 7 books (All on Kindle, I hope they count!) – The Tyrlle Trilogy, which is absolutely fantastic. The first 3 in the My Blood Approves series, Vampires – need I say more. I also have Hollowlands but I am yet to read it.

Richelle Mead – 6 books – The Vampire Academy series. have only read the first two so far but I am excited to read the rest, I will then move on to the Bloodlines series.

There’s quite a mixed set there, once I find an author I like I do tend to branch out and read everything that they have written. Bit of a maniac fan like that!

What authors do you own the most books by?


2 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday #3

  1. What a fun top-ten list! We’ve moved twice over the pond and ended up selling most or print books. Of those we kept, we have over 20 Terry Pratchett, all the Steven Erikson Malazan books (still by far the best fantasy series I have ever read), over 10 Robin Hobb, 6 China Mieville, and after that it’s three or less. Martin I’ve read the first three and then stopped, but they were ebooks. Of your list, which were the most memorable to you?

    • Thank you so much :). It is hard to keep hold of books if you move, I always hate having to part with any so I’m glad you managed to keep some of your favourites. And of all those you mentioned I have never read any of them – this needs to be rectified as soon as possible!
      The most memorable to me would probably Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. They remind me of my childhood, my Mum first read me The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe as a bedtime story and then we had the BBC adaptation on video! When I was older, around 11, my Mum gave me her books and I read all of the chronicles and completely fell in love with the world of Narnia. I still love it now, as I do the world of Harry Potter.

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