Top Ten Tuesday #2


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Characters I Want on a Desert Island.

This was really tough, I’d love all of my fictional favourites to be on the island with me but I have narrowed it down.

  1. Harry, Ron and Hermione – The magic trio count as just one space, right? Surely they have like a shared passport or something? Their magic would be extremely useful on a desert island. If Hermione brought the magic tent they used in The Deathly Hallows then that’s the accommodation sorted! Her enchanted bag would be great too, all those potions etc inside. Ron would be there for the amusement factor, he always makes me laugh and I do have a bit of a crush on him! Harry is The Boy Who Lived, he has survived far worse than a desert island!
  2. Daenerys Stormborn from A Song of Ice and Fire – She is one of my favourite fictional characters ever so she’s an absolute must, especially if she brought her dragons with her!
  3. Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy – She’s just badass and I’d love for her to train me like a Guardian, keep me fit and strong on the island.
  4. Bridget Jones – Just for the humour, I’d love to hear the stories of her life first-hand, she could tell me all the juicy details about Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver. We can sing ‘Like A Wirgin’ and do shots of vodka.
  5. Jon Snow from A Song of Ice and Fire – I have a serious crush on The Lord Commander and maybe I could help heal his broken heart (wink wink). If he can manage the Wall and keep Westeros safe from what is Beyond the Wall then I trust him wholeheartedly to manage the protection detail for our camp.
  6. Colt from The Witches of the Glass Castle – Serious eye candy and a Hunter, perfect for desert island survival.
  7. Meggie from the Inkheart trilogy – would love to hear her tell stories around the campfire and perhaps she could write us into a new story so that we could go on an adventure or two.
  8. Moon-Face from The Magic Faraway Tree – it would be a childhood dream come true.
  9. Sherlock Holmes – just a fascinating character and he could tell me about all of the cases that he solved, teach me the art of profiling, after all he is the original profiler.
  10. Tyrion Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire – for his witticisms, he would be very entertaining to listen to and he could recommend me some good books too.

Who would you want on a desert island with you?


13 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday #2

  1. Hmmm. I didn’t think of Sherlock. As much as I love him, I think his strange habits might get a little old in the end. I think I’d like to have Watson there though. 🙂 I had Hermione on my list as well, though I’d love to have the whole trio. Ron would definitely have the entertainment sorted.
    My TTT

    • I don’t think so, she managed really well when they were all in hiding whilst searching for the Horcruxes. It would be a good challenge for her and she could try out new magic 🙂

  2. I’m afraid I have to agree with CaughtReadHanded on Sherlock, based on recent versions of the character. While intriguing, he seems to exhibit some potentially frightening eccentricities. They would not get old…but possibly disturb the others with me and create division. I’d also be careful about including too many similar characters (though it’s our impulse to pick what we favor most). Too many hunters would be like too many predators and not enough prey/food.

    Since I don’t have that many book characters to pick from (having read a considerably smaller number of books than the average reader/bookworm), I’d have to pick from comic books, TV and movies. And, I’d have to do some thinking on the matter before making any list:P

    • I mean the original Sherlock as created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not the present day manipulation that is on TV.
      I don’t think my characters are really that similar, and I only have one hunter – Colt. I’m sure we’d be fine. It would be an experience at least!

      • To be honest, I haven’t read an exact copy of the original text. I had a children’s book version long ago when I wasn’t really into the detective/classic literature mode. I was more interested in fantasy art, aliens, robots and drawing dinosaurs:D

        And, I wasn’t talking about any of the recent TV versions, either. I was thinking of Robert Downey, Jr. who played a very eccentric yet sharp/clever detective with a strangely strong interest in disguises I had never seen before. While I might not react exactly like Jude Law’s Watson to his behavior, I can see how that Sherlock might get on some folks’ nerves if forced to share a small space. I think he would need some alone time, too. Hopefully, the island would have sufficient space. And, hopefully, any Sherlock wouldn’t go probing people’s choices/private spaces for his own amusement.

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