Top Ten Tuesday #1


I came across this meme from The Broke and Bookish  and thought that it would be fun to take part. This week’s theme is Top Ten TV Shows and Movies. I am going to do a list for each 🙂 now no judging people!

Top Ten TV Shows:

I don’t really watch television, instead I am a boxset-binge addict, I love buying boxsets and then spending a whole day, or two…or three just binge-watching them. criminal-minds-season9

Criminal Minds – my absolute favourite! Love love love Dr.Spencer Reid ❤

Supernatural – those Winchester brothers ahh they’re gorgeous! I love the storylinesand all of the different demons and monsters that they fight. Castiel is hilarious, definitely not made to walk among humans.

Doctor Who – with David Tennant as the Doctor, he really is the best.

Big Bang Theory – always makes me laugh, it pains me to say that I can be very much like Sheldon at times, I just like things in a certain way. I’m harmless I promise, nowhere near as neurotic.

Last of the Summer Wine – it’s such easy watching, my Dad and I like to sit down on a Sunday afternoon, cup of tea in hand and just unwind whilst watching a couple of episodes.

gossip_girl_wallpaper_1280x1024_6Gossip Girl – This is my guilty pleasure, big time. Chuck and Blair are just meant to be, I ship them so hard!

American Guns – This is one of the only tv shows that my fiance and I watch together and that I actually watch on the television rather than in boxset form. I love the family dynamics present in the show and all of the knowledge that they have about the guns that they buy and sell. Seeing all of the custom makes is pretty cool too.

Shameless (UK version) – This is an absolutely brilliant show, but only for the first 5 series and then it gets…wierd. I saw an episode from one of the more recent series and it was ridiculous, plus most of the original characters had left. Just not the same. american-guns-tv-show

Cooking shows – when I do watch television I always seem to end up watching a cooking show, they’re great. Jamie Oliver is probably my favourite chef, but I love shows such as Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives too.

Wire in the Blood – I’m currently working my way through these and they’re fantastic, real psychological-thriller stuff and not afraid to give all of the gory details.


Top Ten Movies:

Now movies I do watch, and often, they’re a great form of escapism and great for when there is nothing on the  telly or when you’ve got a spare two hours to fill.


 Fight Club – This is my most favourite film ever! The first time I watched this I was mesmerised and I  didn’t guess the twist either, complete shock! The acting from Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham-Carter is faultless. I’ve read the book by Chuck Palahnuick several times, the whole thing is just sensational.

 Bridget Jones’ Diary – I find this film hilarious, a great chick flick, I can watch it over and over again and it’s still funny

The Notebook – does anything really need to be said? A perfect movie.untitled2

Frozen – I am absolutely obsessed. I don’t think there has been a Disney film as good as Frozen since Beauty and the Beast, the characters are great, the songs are perfect sing-a-long songs and there is real humour.

Hot Fuzz – Pure comedy genius, love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Sleepless in Seatle – A wonderful, light-hearted rom-com, I have a bit of a soft spot for Tom Hanks.

The Fault in Our Stars – for me this book-to-movie adaptaion was near enough perfect, the acting is so heartfelt and when I came out of the cinema I wanted to head straight back in, cannot wait for the DVD.

Beaches – I can’t not cry at this film, so emotional, it’s my Mum’s favourite film of all time and we often watch it together with a bottle of wine and some yummy treats for our Girl’s Night In.

 love-actuallyHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Absolutely magical, I still have to catch my breath when I see Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express, it’s all so real! I don’t think this film will ever not be amazing.

 Love Actually – Though technically a Christmas film I think it’s acceptable to watch it all-year-round, but then I am a Christmas Fanatic. It’s just a beautifully sweet festive flick and I love it.

So I love chick-flicks and romance, I’m a big softie at heart but I also love things with a bit more grit, psychological-based tv shows are perfect for me. I also enjoy comedy, sometimes it’s nice to watch something that’s light-hearted and uplifting; who doesn’t like to laugh?

What are some of your favourite TV Shows and Movies? Do we share the same taste or are we completely different?



6 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday #1

  1. YESSS! Criminal Minds, ftw! Reid is the best. Love him.
    We actually have a few similarities! 🙂 I had a Christmas film on my list too, but mine is The Family Stone. Love Actually is great too.

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