The Witches of the Glass Castle


The Witches of the Glass Castle.

By Gabriella Lepore.

Pages: 254 (Kindle)



From the back cover:

“Being a teenager can be hard: all those raging hormones, all those uncontrollable emotions – but when you add to this potent brew the discovery that you’re the heir to strange, magical powers, well, then you’re really in for trouble…”

A short synopsis:

At the Glass Castle, under the watchful eye of Wendolyn, Arcane and Hunters are taught to unlock their magical abilities and also how to control them. This is where Mia, along with her older brother, Dino have been sent. Dino’s powers have already began to manifest themselves strongly and he hates them. He resents the witchcrafting heritage that they have inherited and also Mia for uncovering it in the first place. Mia’s powers are yet to show themselves and she doubts that she is even a witch. That is until the mysterious Hunter Colt says that he knows what she is and what she is capable of.

Hunters and Arcane do not mix, Hunters are trained warriors with no real humanity. They are deadly. Kizzy, Mia’s only real friend at the Glass Castle, warns her to stay away from Colt, she has had visions which depict Mia being killed at Colt’s hands. Although she knows that he is dangerous, Mia cannot seem to stay away from Colt, even when he himself warns her that it is not safe for them to spend time together.

As Mia and Colt work together to uncover Mia’s power, their relationship develops and their feelings for one another grow. What they do not realise is just how much their new love will be tested. As Colt’s loyalties to his Hunter coven are questioned and Mia’s relationship with her brother becomes more strained they have to decide just how far they’re willing to go to be together.


This is one of the most wonderfully crafted novels that I have ever read. Nothing in this story feels forced, it flows effortlessly and sucks you in to the world of the Glass Castle from the first page. I can’t think of any book that I have taken much more delight in reading. I stayed up until the early hours to finish this book as I simply could not put it down. That is testament to Lepore’s writing and how she captures your attention and keeps it throughout.

The sibling relationship between Mia and Dino is refreshing, often the focus is solely on romantic relationships so this dynamic is interesting to explore. Lepore knows just how important the relationship between Dino and Mia is to the both of them and this shows in her writing. I absolutely adore Colt! For me Colt is the perfect guy; funny, loyal, mysterious and sexy. I had such a Colt-hangover once I’d finished this book, I so wish I was Mia!

The powers that Lepore has gifted her characters with fit perfectly, showing just how much she knows her characters. I also think that the use of nature is remarkable, it is used to reflect the emotions or atmosphere at play and harmonises so well with the events of the book.

If you love witchcraft, magic, romance and mystery then this book is most definitely for you!

This is my favourite book of 2014 so far, I cannot recommend it enough.


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