How I Found You


How I Found You.

By Gabriella Lepore.

Pages: 286 (Kindle).



From the back cover:

“Sixteen-year-old Rose arrives at sleepy, remote Millwood expecting to spend a quiet summer with her aunt and uncle on their estate. But after a series of dark and disturbing dreams, and the surprise arrival of charming brothers Oscar and Caicus Valero, her world is thrown upside-down. What are the brothers hiding? And what is it about Oscar that is so familiar? Before the summer is out, Rose will be forced to confront her destiny, even if it means facing the demon of her dreams.”

A short synopsis:

The summer is looking to be a dreary one with endless rain and not a lot going on, that is until handsome brothers Oscar and Caicus somehow manage to charm Rose’s Aunt and Uncle into letting them stay at their house. Rose is not happy with this arrangement, there is something about the brothers that sets her on edge; Caicus’ eyes seem to hypnotise her Aunt and Uncle and there is something strangely familiar about Oscar. Not to mention the fact that they are as insincere as two people can be and really grate on Rose.

Rose can’t help but be fascinated by Oscar, especially as he begins to pay more and more attention to her. Oscar and Caicus are there to fulfil the Prophecy, with Lathiaus’ rising on the horizon they need to be sure that they can save the line of witches. As Oscar reveals to Rose just how she in to this prophecy she begins to question her history and asks Oscar to perform the Retracing Spell, but will its revelations be a help or a hindrance? Neither of them can know for certain, all they do know is that somehow their lives, past and present, are intricately connected.


This beautiful story is expressed in beautiful prose, Lepore shows a real knowledge for her characters and how their minds work, and all of their actions mirror their personalities remarkably well. I was delighted with the way in which Oscar and Rose’s entwined past was revealed to the reader, the Retracing Spell is a wonderful idea. I also enjoyed how she showed the softer side of Caicus through his relationship with Mary and the familial bond that he begins to form with her. Lepore is a master of injecting magic into realistic situations and settings, she makes the ordinary extraordinary and that is something truly special.

How I Found You is a very close second, behind Lepore’s other novel The Witches of the Glass Castle, in my favourite reads of 2014.


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