Gabriella Lepore.


Gabriella Lepore is a British author who lives in South Wales, she has so far written three books; The Witches of the Glass Castle, Evanescent and How I Found You.

Gabriella Lepore {Credit to WalesOnline}

Gabriella Lepore {Credit to WalesOnline}

Lepore’s speciality is injecting magic into real life, her characters and settings are so realistic that they materialise around you as you read. Her writing style is flawless and flows with a graceful ease missing from many books that I have read. She uses nature in such a way that I have never before experienced in a novel. The nature elements in her books reflect characters emotions, and harmonises with the atmosphere and events present in the book, truly remarkable.

Lepore’s use of magic is exceptional; there are no wands, no abracadabra moments, nothing cliché at all. The magic in each of her stories is so subtle that it’s almost hard to spot. Yes we have prophecies, rituals and of course witches but alongside this you have the most wonderfully matched settings and characters possible. In The Witches of the Glass Castle, Mia and Dino discover that they are witches and have magical powers; the powers with which Lepore gifts them are perfectly tailored to their individual personality. It is hard to imagine them with any other power than the one that they have.

There is no doubt that Lepore knows her characters inside and out, you never get that ‘…what? No Jane Doe would never do that’ feeling that so often occurs when an author has a character doing something that is so, well…out of character. This knowledge that Lepore has of her characters is evident again in the way that she portrays inter-character relationships. In How I Found You, Caicus comes across as mean and selfish, he is only interested in completing his part in the prophecy and getting on his way. However, his interactions with Aunt Mary and the affection that he develops for her shows just how well Lepore knows him and how much he values family and the bond that comes between its members. Caicus is not the main protagonist of the story but Lepore still takes the time to show this softer side to him and I love that about her writing. She has a real dedication to her characters and will not compromise her stories by skipping scenes or refraining from exploring relationships that others perhaps would not see the importance of.

It has been a long time since characters and places have captured my heart and imagination in the way that Mia and Colt did in The Witches of the Glass Castle, or Bronwen and Felix in Evanescent or Rose and Oscar in How I Found You. Particularly Rose and Oscar, I love the idea that they have a special connection that is present in this life and was in their previous life, beautiful. The Glass Castle is a place that I so wish I could visit, I can imagine that Wendolyn would be quite a character and to be taught by her would most definitely be an experience.

I cannot thank @benjaminoftomes enough for recommending The Witches of the Glass Castle to, well everybody! I can completely understand why he loves that book so much, I have completely taken it to heart. Gabriella Lepore’s magical novels are by far my top three reads of 2014 so far and she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors of all time. I cannot wait to read her future releases, particularly the second instalment of The Witches of the Glass Castle. I am last-Harry-Potter-book level excitement for that release date! I need to cure my Colt-hangover!

To finish off I would just like to say that not only is Gabriella Lepore a wonderfully talented writer she is also a delightful person, kind and friendly and enjoys interacting with her fans. She has been absolutely lovely to me as I prepared this special feature, kindly answering all of my interview questions. So go and follow her on Instagram @gabriellaleporea, Tweet her @GabriellaBooks and of course go out and by the books or download them onto your kindle/tablet/phone. I seriously cannot recommend these books enough!

So go and enjoy fellow bookworms.

Much love.



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