Bookworm Problems

I am a self-confessed bookworm/fangirl/obsessive reader. I spend more time in fictional worlds than actual reality and I am often in love with a fictional character (much to my fiancé’s chagrin). Books are more than just paper and words; they are modes of transportation to alternate universes. You can learn magic, or even a new language! You can battle evil, go on wild adventures and fly on the backs of dragons, all without having to leave the comfort of your favourite reading spot. To once again quote the now overused words of Tyrion Lannister:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.”

Reading is more than a hobby to me, or a favourite past time, reading is my life. I can’t imagine ever not reading, even during my teen years when reading was most definitely not the cool thing to be doing I still read. I read in the sanctuary that was my house; secret reading, seems pretty pathetic now but at the time it was important to me to maintain a certain facade when I was at school and out with my friends, geeking out and reading just did not fit. I would go home, slip on my pjs, make a hot chocolate and lose myself in a good book; all of the drama of the day would fade away. Let’s face it teenage girls can be vile to one another, there was always some drama.

As I have grown older and matured I am not sorry to say that my reading tastes have largely remained the same; I absolutely adore YA fiction! Although I am no longer the young girl scared of sharing her passion for books, I still find books cause some little problems for me which my non-bookish friends just cannot comprehend. I believe that these are universal bookworm issues;

  1. I feel as though I am being disloyal to the sturdy paperback every time I read or buy an ebook.
  2. I want all of my family and friends to read the latest book that I have fallen in love with but I am terrified that they will either deface my copy lose it or the worst one of all – keep it for their own collection.
  3. I fall in love with fictional characters, Augustus Waters, Henry DeTabmble, Ron Weasley, Four, Zephyr James, Cuchulainn, Stark, Dean Winchester; the list could go on and on. This results in me comparing my real-life fiancé to my book-boyfriends.
  4. I spend hours browsing, and actual bookshops knowing that I cannot afford to buy new books, doesn’t stop my basket from filling up though. Curse you cheap Amazon prices, free shipping and Waterstones Points cards!
  5. I have more books than I can accommodate in my small bedroom, I have started taking over Dad’s ‘show bookcases’ (don’t even ask!) in the living room, when I move out I am going to have more boxes of books than actual clothes and ‘useful’ possessions, just like when I went to university.
  6. My TBR list seems to be never-ending – not that I really mind, but it breaks my fangirl-heart to know that I can never read all of the books that I want to.
  7. Real-life gets in the way of my reading progress. Having to go to work and leave my book at home is horrible.
  8. I have to have a book in my bag even if I may not get chance to read it, this means that I often leave things at home to make room for my book, on one occasion this meant my purse!
  9. Book-hangovers are worse than actual hangovers, I feel so empty and like I cannot face the day.
  10. I can get a little disillusioned with my life after reading about the fun and adventures that my favourite characters get up to. I want to go to Hogwarts like Harry, fly on the back of a Dragon like Daenerys, be Dauntless like Tris and strong like Katniss.

Do all book lovers experience such problems? Are they really problems or just side effects of reading? They’re not exactly unpleasant; they just make me a little weird in comparison to my non-bookish friends. Wierdness is good though, right? All of the best minds are a little kooky and besides I like being different. My family, fiancé and close friends love and accept me just as I am, plus I now have the amazing #bookstagramcommunity! Seriously if you’re not part of the book community on Instagram then come on over and join us! Follow me @fairyland_books 🙂

Much love fellow bookworms.


16 comments on “Bookworm Problems

  1. I know this feeling all too well, I spent my childhood and my teenage years constantly with a book to hand, and now at uni my book collection is spiralling upwards and filling every nook and cranny that I can slot another book in. I prefer the paper back over the e-books, mainly due to my dyslexia and looking at an ebook too long makes my eyes hurt, but I do see why people like them, they are convenient. But I could never give up my physical copies of my books.

    • I like my Kindle because it’s convenient and means that I can have a whole choice of books without having to carry loads, which was great when I went on holiday to Scotland last year, I managed to read 4books in the week all off one device but it’s just not the same. I often read a physical book whilst reading an ebook, I’m a nightmare for reading more than one book at once! I love your blog btw 🙂

      • I am the same for reading more than one book at a time, when I was a kid my mum thought I just switched books when I got stuck or something, but for me when I stop reading a book it is just like pressing pause on a video the moment I pick the book back up again I just press play again and I am ready to go, I have three books on the go at the moment – I think I would be even worse if I had a kindle or something like that haha! Thank you I really like your blog too 😀

  2. I totally get the thing about you basically pausing the book 🙂 I have two on the go at the moment which for me is very good! What are you reading?

    • I’ve been looking at Lexicon, is it good? I’m reading Branded by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki and The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time :). Branded is absolutely amazing!

      • I am really Loving Lexicon, I really like the way thay it is written, I was hooked from the first page. Ahh, the Curious case of the dog in the night time, that one was really good – I haven’t heard of Branded, I will have to add it to my reading list.

  3. Those famous words are not overused if I have never read them before:P
    Women like you inspire me to create some of the fantasy characters/stories I do. In fact, I’ve been dabbling with a concept similar to the anime R.O.D. (Read or Die) which you might find interesting if you haven’t seen the movie already.
    I too realize the potential of the printed word. And there is far more magic in a paper book than a digital one. But, for all I know, the digital age could change all that, yet.
    I do wonder how one can spend more time reading than anything else in life, though.
    I have a soft spot–an eccentric romantic interest–for “bookworms” even though I am a terrible reader. It wasn’t a matter of being cool for me. I just had no interest in reading when my mind was/is always inventing. Besides, now that I DO read books more, I find errors I find intolerable. People get famous for bad English/grammar and misplaced punctuation.
    You suffer book hangovers. I suffer similar withdrawal pains and addictive side-effects after leaving video arcades, movies and festivals. I have to limit how much fun I let myself have just to get through a week without feeling so depressed to have left the fun moment behind me. I never dabbled with illegal drugs, but I know what addiction is.

    • Thank you :). If there are characters you want to create and stories that you want to tell then you should definitely do so.

      I don’t spend all of my time reading, I work, I study, I spend time with my family and friends but when I want some downtime reading is definitely my go to option. I love how caught up I can get in a book, I imagine you’re the same with video games and movies? They’re a form of escapism which I think everyone needs in some way.

      I definitely think the digital age will have an effect in some ways. You can self-publish more easily on platforms such as Kindle now. I have read work by some wonderfully talented authors who have self-published on Kindle, and I have also read some really quite appalling work by authors who have used the same method to get their work out into the world. But then that’s freedom of speech and others may have different opinions to my own.

      Bookhangovers are tough, when I finish an amazingly good book I feel these withdrawal like symptoms at not being in that world anymore. I guess it’s a healthier form of addiction.

      • Yes, I read how fortunate you were to have so much love and support in your life. Even though you started by sounding ostracized (by your fiance) for your habit.
        Yes, I can get quite consumed by video games and movies. Video games can be like slot machines for gambling addicts. I must conquer every puzzle/boss and rule the game before I let it rest. Yet, once I’ve beaten the game, no one seems to give a crap, thus there’s no one to share my enthusiasm. Long has it been since video games were simple methods for two people to bump shoulders and amuse themselves with the most primitive of graphics. Nowadays, it’s all solo and web play clans divided by continents and PC cables. Virtual living games that make me nauseous.
        When I leave a decent-great movie, I often find myself viewing the world as a character from the movie. IE If I see an X-Men film, suddenly I am a mutant surrounded by other mutants and in need of watching my back.
        There is no healthy form of addiction. Moderation is like the holy relic that we all need to keep close like those who carry silver crosses to combat creatures of the night.

      • Yes I am fortunate to have good people around me. My fiancé doesn’t really understand my book addiction as it were, but he’s a gamer and sometimes gets so caught up in what he’s playing that he’s there for hours!

        I guess that’s true, everything in moderation. I do sometimes have to force myself to put my book down and go do something else.

        Sometimes the lines between fantasy and reality blur a little, like when you feel like a mutant after watching X-Men, but I think there’s something pure and beautiful about that. No matter how old we are we can still have moments where we have the imagination and unwavering beliefs of a child, it’s amazing.

      • So, your relationship is “A Tale of Two Twitties”:P hehe
        The gamer and the bookworm. I think I’ll whip out that romance novel right now:P I picture Super Mario or Link holding Belle in his arms with both lovers looking away from each other at their own obsessions
        I just wish I had someone to embrace the “escape” with me instead of always feeling like a grown-up behaving like a foolish child in a world of slaves to the economy of the rich man. Escaping alone is like being stuck with a needle and left to die alone in some alley. Yet, couples and groups can get really weird with each other, too. And, that’s not always good.

      • Haha, that sounds brilliant! You should do it! You have a nice way with words I think you’d be a very good storyteller through whichever medium you chose to use.

        It nice being able to geek out with someone else and enjoy the escapism together, but when you both escape into different worlds you can never really understand the pull that that world has for the other person.
        Life is meant to be shared with others I believe. I love having time to myself and being on my own but spending time with other people, be they fictional or real, is important. Least of all for helping you develop more as an individual.

      • I’d love it if someone would help me complete some of the books I come up with on the fly. I am terrible with following through and often only get a sliver of the full tale I wish to conceive on “paper.” I have hundreds of similar projects I’ve struck with writingbolts only to leave them burning cinders of possibility. Long I wait and wish for that brilliant partner who can see things as I do and conspire to craft masterpieces that would put other famed writers to shame.

        As it stands I am very much alone with my visions and ideas. I could go on/into more detail, but we’d be here for years:D

        And, that is my concern–though I have no business being concerned–with what you wrote. It’s not my relationship…but why do two people in different worlds…how do they connect unless the escapes are just solo vacations without the fear of actual affairs. Some relationships do seem to require lovers spend time apart versus clinging to each other daily. It’s a bit like blood types.

        Long live the paperback.

      • If you ever wanted me to look over some of your stuff, I would be more than happy to 🙂 you can email me at I often get ideas and then when I come to get them down on paper they end up half-formed and nothing like I imagined. I think it’s helpful to have someone that you can share ideas with and have proofread your stuff.

        My fiance and I don’t have a normal relationship as such, we have been together for almost 5years, three of which I spent at university and for the last 6months he has been in th RAF. We’re used to not spending all of our time together, but if anything we appreciate the time that we have together even more. Even if that means us sitting on the settee together, me with a book in hand and him playing one of his games.

        Oh definitely, long live the paperback!

      • I appreciate the offer, though, I’d prefer having someone sit with me in person than send all my ideas into space and hoping some bookworm goddess replies in kind.

        If you have anything artistic or literary you’d like input on/help with, feel free to contact me via my contact page, as well. Or, leave a note in my “cafe”.

        Well, if that works for you two, great. It’s new to me. Though, military relationships, I guess, are fairly common.

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