Hello Fellow Bookworms!

Today and tomorrow I am on leave from work, adding the weekend and the fact that I don’t work Mondays and that is a whole five days without work. Five days all to myself. What to do with these precious five days?

Watch Harry Potter, read books and start a blog of course!

This morning I did all of the things that I needed to do so I am now free to amuse myself until I return to work. Every now and then I love to have a Harry Potter marathon and watch all of the films, a lot of the time my sister will watch them too, she’s a Potterhead just like me. I wish I had more time so that I could return to the real world of Harry Potter within the glorious pages of J.K Rowling’s books whenever I need my Potter-fix but unfortunately the real world gets in the way of this.

I was 5years old when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published back in 1997, my Mum bought the book so that she could read it to me. I think I was probably a bit young at the time, Mum says that I wasn’t really interested, I’d not left my phase of The Magic Faraway Tree yet! We tried again when I was 7 and I fell in love with the magic and mystery of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and the entire wizarding world. I remember Mum stumbling over all of the strange new words, she read the entire book to me pronouncing Hermione like Her-my-ne-own! She and Dad argued about whether or not that was right, and when the film was released Dad was proven to be right, much to his delight.

When the film franchise began I was so excited to see my favourite world come to life. My family and I went to a special showing of the Chamber of Secrets, it was like an American Drive-in, we pulled up in the Asda car park and watched the film from our cars. Truly amazing. For the release of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince book my Mum and I went to the Midnight release at Asda where we had reserved our copy, which was a very exciting experience for us both.

Harry Potter is my childhood, I grew up wishing that I was as clever as Hermione Granger, as funny as Ron Weasley and as brave as Harry Potter. I desperately wanted to go to Olivander’s and collect the wand that chose me and get my own owl. I hoped and prayed for my Hogwarts letter as my 11th birthday approached and was bitterly disappointed when it never arrived. Actually, a year or so ago I did receive my Hogwarts letter with a special note which read ‘We are so sorry, this appears to have been lost in the post.’ It was from my wonderful fiancé who is very accepting of my fanatic love of all things Harry Potter. I cried like a baby when Dumbledore died, and again when Dobby was killed and even more so when Snape was killed and it was revealed that he was good all along. Gosh how I berated myself for having hated him so much over the years! These characters are not just fictional creations, they are old friends and I don’t think I could be without them, I certainly would never choose to be!

I find it hard to imagine that anyone will ever write a book that captures the hearts and imaginations of not only a generation of people, nor a nation but an entire world. The Harry Potter series is loved by the old and young alike, there are many people, like myself, that have extremely well read copies of all of the books, own all of the DVDs and various memorabilia. The story of Harry Potter and friends may have come to an end but its legacy lives on, and I believe it always will. I for one cannot wait for the day when I have children and can share with them the wonder that is J.K Rowling’s creation.

I think I may have to re-read the series sometime soon; take myself back to Hogwarts. For now I am going to make myself a cup of English Breakfast tea, get comfortable and be transported to my favourite place in the world by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. I have my eye on you Professor Quirrel, I know what you’re about!

Much love fellow Potterheads.


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